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Putting life into words. Bringing words to life.

Lisa Markland does just that: She puts life into words and then brings those words to life! Lisa writes and speaks on a wide range of topics and gears her work to diverse audiences.  Attracting both youth and adults alike, she emphasizes the upside of any subject matter, always engaging her audiences and leaving an impact.

With a focus on hot topics, athletics, mental health and positive living themes, Lisa has been published and doing motivational speaking for decades.  She has written, illustrated, edited and self-published newsletters, websites and books, and has presented her research and motivational talks locally, nationally and internationally. Her specialty is working with at-risk youth and juveniles within the criminal justice system, as well as covering more generalized wellness topics. Lisa also regularly speaks about surviving a drunk driving crash as a teenage pedestrian where she was left close to death and in a coma. She has an amazing lifelong story of survival and resiliency. 

Lisa enjoys penning free-verse, writing poetry, playing guitar and doing art projects in her spare time and is always looking for ways to leave the world better off than she found it.  Her amazing husband, Dave, and her two Ragdoll cats, Cagney & Lacey, are there to support her in all she does. 

Please feel free to inquire with any personal or business needs for an author or motivational speaker.

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