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About Lisa

Lisa Markland (formerly Lisa Bard) holds a master's degree in clinical social work. Following a career as a psychotherapist she began motivational speaking and writing as a freelance journalist, and is currently working on her second, self-illustrated book while publishing her first worldwide compilation both in digital and print-on-demand formats.​

She's worked in law enforcement, aeromedical evacuation, sociology and clinical social work.  An Air Force veteran, competitive athlete and active volunteer, Lisa enjoys helping her audiences to follow their hopes and dreams and to only be limited by their imaginations.​​ Her articles and tackle both humorous and serious topics, often combining the two. 

Lisa has helped to spread the word that "there are no obstacles, only opportunities" through her contributions on public service announcements, live and recorded radio broadcasts, television spots, documentaries and interviews for newspapers, magazines and books.  Her talks have been featured in the U.S. and abroad. 

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